A baking grade half OZ

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14 grams

A mix of bottoms and smalls – its the perfect thing for making into your favorite edibles

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3 reviews for A baking grade half OZ

  1. daniel-hare (verified owner)

    Excellent flower for the price, very lusciously rich, dark and earthy, lots of chemistry going on is this leaf which makes it superb for smoking aswell. A1 #LongLiveCannaking<3

  2. John Sudbury (verified owner)

    It is as advertised, “baking grade” green. It contained very very stems and a few seeds but less seeds that I’ve gotten in cheep ounces of “smoking grade” green from other spots. It is smokable and will do the trick if on really strict budget. Recommend mixing with some better quality bud/pre busted sale bud if smoking it.

    5 Stars for services. Friendly, prompt drivers. I had a issue with one order missing part of the order. Issue was resolved very quickly and effectively.

  3. Cal (verified owner)

    Incredible quality for the price. A surprisingly easy smoke with very few seeds & stems.

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